Monday, 21 April 2014

Holidays In Himachal – Filled With Serenity

Mountains like their topography are always tougher to live in. But they are equally great places to spend the cool vacations. People turn towards mountains for unique and personal travel experiences. Some come here to experience adrenaline rush of adventure activities. And there is another tribe of travellers that comes here to cherish the beautiful scenery, calming experiences, and spend cool vacations. And the best part about mountain holidays is the fact that it has the best of both the worlds. Tourists can enjoy their unique expectations in the lap of mountains and higher altitudes and enjoy the best of vacations.
Imagine if you spend such high on experiences holidays in the land of the snow, then the experience of vacationing is surely going to be spectacular. There is an abode of snow in India, Himachal Pradesh that surely has the key to a variety of vacationing in the lap of the mountains. The mighty mountain ranges that overlook this Indian state and give it a thrilling and rugged look are Dhaula Dhar, Pir Panjal and western Himalaya ranges. Basically associated with tougher experiences like zorbing, Skiing, trekking, rock climbing, paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, jeep safaris, Himachal also has a soft side to it.
Amidst the tucks of mountains, there are elevating experiences that allow you to ponder over the existence of life in a calm way. The crisp air emanating from mountainous surroundings fills the soul with freshness and inspires us to walk our way out through the mall road markets. The clouds kissing the peak of the mountains are other exclusive experiences to look out for in the state. Observing the ever in motion waterfalls is also a soothing relief for the senses here. Rich floral and faunal bounties are also a prerequisite of a Himachal tour.
All of these options offer an experiential side to the artistic and poetic experiences in this hilly destination. However, there is another aspect to the exotic Himachal holidays that can be experienced only if you are spiritually inclined. Also known as Dev Bhoomi, Himachal Pradesh is also known as land of the Gods. It is believed that people who wished to gain the spiritual understanding and wisdom came to the mountains here. And they got whatever they wanted in the company of these colossal mountains.
The divine experiences can be experienced with the company of around 10,000 shrines that are present and are worshipped in Himachal. Every village has its own deity who looks for the well being of his / her people. There are numerous shakti-peethas dedicated to the mother goddess (Naina Devi, Chintpurni ji, Jwalamukhi ji, Bajreshwari Devi, Chamunda ji.) Along with this, there is a lot of serenity in the location, thanks to the Tibetan Buddhist settlements around the ancient monasteries of Lahaul, Spiti and McLeod Ganj.
Thus, the varieties of experiences tucked in the mountains of Himachal are many. One just needs to visit the location and identify what they want to experience the bliss like never before. They can even explore Himachal Pradesh through a series of holiday itineraries based on your interests. 

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