Monday, 21 April 2014

Holidays In Himachal – Filled With Serenity

Mountains like their topography are always tougher to live in. But they are equally great places to spend the cool vacations. People turn towards mountains for unique and personal travel experiences. Some come here to experience adrenaline rush of adventure activities. And there is another tribe of travellers that comes here to cherish the beautiful scenery, calming experiences, and spend cool vacations. And the best part about mountain holidays is the fact that it has the best of both the worlds. Tourists can enjoy their unique expectations in the lap of mountains and higher altitudes and enjoy the best of vacations.
Imagine if you spend such high on experiences holidays in the land of the snow, then the experience of vacationing is surely going to be spectacular. There is an abode of snow in India, Himachal Pradesh that surely has the key to a variety of vacationing in the lap of the mountains. The mighty mountain ranges that overlook this Indian state and give it a thrilling and rugged look are Dhaula Dhar, Pir Panjal and western Himalaya ranges. Basically associated with tougher experiences like zorbing, Skiing, trekking, rock climbing, paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, jeep safaris, Himachal also has a soft side to it.
Amidst the tucks of mountains, there are elevating experiences that allow you to ponder over the existence of life in a calm way. The crisp air emanating from mountainous surroundings fills the soul with freshness and inspires us to walk our way out through the mall road markets. The clouds kissing the peak of the mountains are other exclusive experiences to look out for in the state. Observing the ever in motion waterfalls is also a soothing relief for the senses here. Rich floral and faunal bounties are also a prerequisite of a Himachal tour.
All of these options offer an experiential side to the artistic and poetic experiences in this hilly destination. However, there is another aspect to the exotic Himachal holidays that can be experienced only if you are spiritually inclined. Also known as Dev Bhoomi, Himachal Pradesh is also known as land of the Gods. It is believed that people who wished to gain the spiritual understanding and wisdom came to the mountains here. And they got whatever they wanted in the company of these colossal mountains.
The divine experiences can be experienced with the company of around 10,000 shrines that are present and are worshipped in Himachal. Every village has its own deity who looks for the well being of his / her people. There are numerous shakti-peethas dedicated to the mother goddess (Naina Devi, Chintpurni ji, Jwalamukhi ji, Bajreshwari Devi, Chamunda ji.) Along with this, there is a lot of serenity in the location, thanks to the Tibetan Buddhist settlements around the ancient monasteries of Lahaul, Spiti and McLeod Ganj.
Thus, the varieties of experiences tucked in the mountains of Himachal are many. One just needs to visit the location and identify what they want to experience the bliss like never before. They can even explore Himachal Pradesh through a series of holiday itineraries based on your interests. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Spend Summer Holidays In Style

Summers have knocked our doors. With the onset of summers, most of the world sets up the planning for summer holidays. As the weather is warm during this time, tourists make sure they travel to the cold locations in order to find refuge from heat and enjoy the vacations with family and friends. The preferred time for vacations, summer holidays make sure we travel light in terms of luggage and make up our best times for holidays.
In India, the summer vacations usually start from mid-May and continue till the arrival of monsoons. This is usually the best time to visit the hill stations and enjoy the holidays in the lap of nature. And the preferred destination for such holidays rests in Himalayas. Literally translated as the abode of the snow, the Himalayas are the home to the to the planet's highest peaks. Crowning India’s north, west and eastern directions, the Himalayas are the pride of India.
The landscape here boasts of snowcapped peaks, chilled rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, pine covered slopes and a unique ecosystem. The cold atmosphere here offers invigorating experiences. The air is cooler and crisper at these hill stations. Such a kind of environment gives tourists a refreshing outlook for life and nature’s rich wealth. The daunting mountains on the other hands overlook tourists from a great altitude and pose a challenge of trekking for tourists. In summers, tourists can easily begin trekking adventures due to the season. During the summers, there is no chance for snowfall or hailstorm, making it an apt time to begin trekking and mountain camping.
The tourists keen on cool holidays up close to mountains can opt for cool hill tours in India. Assuring tourists of the heart-stirring sights, historical legacy and the most charming experiences tucked in the folds of Himalayas, the holidays here are full of life.
There are many options to spend the summer holidays in Himalayas. One of such options is a week long Himachal Hill Tour.  Filled with an invigorating freshness of nature, the special hill tour takes tourists through the renowned hill stations like Manali, Kullu and Dharamshala over a period of seven days. Besides introducing tourists with the rich and receptive Himalayan hospitality, the trip also offers them an opportunity to understand the Tibetan, hilly and Buddhist cultural beliefs.

Another followed hill station trip is Darjeeling Vacation. Darjeeling or the land of the thunderbolt is located in the north-eastern Himalayas. A trip through this exotic hill station brings out the best of romantic experiences along the mountains. The allure of Darjeeling rests in its acres of tea gardens and the world heritage site of Darjeeling Himalayan Mountain Railways of India or Toy Trains. Also from here, tourists can look out for the second highest peak in the world, Mt. Kanchendzonga. Filled with the mystic Tibetan charm, the hill station presents the breathtaking experiences of being in the most charming hill station. 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Catch Up with the Interesting Holiday Options in India

Holidays are an essential element of life without which life seems to be dull, boring and uninteresting. They beat the blues of life and spice up the life with interesting and different facets associated with travelling. And if the holidays are spent in India, the real meaning of vacationing comes up into being, thanks to the presence of interesting mix of its tourist attractions.
The country keeps up the spirit of holidaying with its interesting itineraries on offer. Such an immense variety of tourism doesn’t stereotype the India and keep it attractive every moment and then. Like the country’s diverse nature, the travel options in India are equally exciting and varied. It has mountains, desert, beaches, farmlands, villages and metros that spice up the country with unique and exciting tour options. These exciting natural attractions offer a unique backdrop to splendid vacationing experiences.
In north India, tourists can experience the bliss of calming mountains. With their gigantic appearance, the mighty hills make you feel the grandeur of nature. The crisp air here instills the freshness and revitalizes the existence. The natural beauty here offers a lingering pleasure to stay with you for a lifetime. In all, such an exciting trip provides a breathtaking holiday experience. If you are also keen on discovering the mighty mountain pleasures during your holiday, then the Himachal Hill Tour is meant for you. In a single attempt, it allows you to cover the pristine hill stations like Manali, Kullu and Dharamshala in the most interesting way. 
If experiencing life within the desert ecosystem is what you desire, then Rajasthan in West India is the ultimate choice for you. The state is replete with unique forts and colourful culture that makes it distinctively inviting. The camel safaris within the region also present an attractive facet of vacationing in this part of the country.
Towards Northeast, the country boasts the least explored and arguably most beautiful region of India. Comprising the seven states in unity, the region boasts pristine hill stations, lush tea gardens, rich monastic culture, tribal wealth, natural waterfalls, etc; Northeast presents the richly rewarding travel experiences to adventurers and inquisitive travellers.

In South India, you can experience the symphony of age old traditions, culture and natural wonders. The virgin beaches, blissful backwaters, hill stations and exotic performing arts make a trip to south India an unforgettable stint with the best-kept aspects of the country. If you also want a holiday to experience the receptive side of south, you can avail Best of Kerala and South India Excursion

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Seeking Serenity for the Soul during Holidays in India

Every holiday has a persona. Sometimes they are high in energy and sometimes they are taken in search of serenity. This is a unique aspect of vacations that change as the pursuit and priorities of a tourist changes. India as a holiday destination has something for everyone. It changes and offers the best of experiences as per the individual priorities. For fun vacations, it has the wildest holiday hubs like Goa. And for peace lovers as well there are numerous destinations that cater to the yearning for spirituality and serenity of the soul.
If you are also one of the travellers wishing to pursue the serenity in India, then worry not. Just identify and differentiate your requirement. Since peaceful living and serene existence has different interpretations to different persons, it is always suggested to streamline your kind of experiences for the best experience during holidays. For e.g. some people think a way to serene holidays goes through a spa retreat, whereas others soak in the spirit of relaxation at a private beach. There is another line of tourists that follow their passion for a soulful vacation through spiritual experiences and go for spa during a serene vacation. 
From many available options in the country, here we bring to you some of the exciting options to regain serene experiences. The first one is an obvious choice, i.e. Beaches. There are numerous beaches in India that add on to the spirit of vacationing. Beaches of India, particularly those in Goa and Kerala are frontrunners in beach vacation of the country. The pristine environment, favourable locations, ever expansive sea, sound and sights of tides and waves hitting the sea-shore, all contribute to the ever bustling beach tourism. Even there are many private beach resorts in these destinations that add on to the personal beach experience in the country. On such beaches, one can even enjoy the leisure of spa therapies for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
Along with this, here one can even indulge in some water adventure, especially in Goa. Here, one can unleash the adventurous spirit by taking on to the natural challenges and emerge as a winner after paragliding, wind surfing, catamaran riding, dolphin spotting, etc. There are special holiday packages in India like Goa Golden Beaches tour and Kovalam beach tour for that serene vacation you are eyeing for. In all, we can say that the beaches have a perfect spirit that helps travellers soak in the serenity of soul in testimony of nature.

Also, there is Incredible Andaman Island tour that brings the best of beach experience to a discerning traveller. We will find more about Island Tourism in our next post.