Thursday, 30 January 2014

Catch Up with the Interesting Holiday Options in India

Holidays are an essential element of life without which life seems to be dull, boring and uninteresting. They beat the blues of life and spice up the life with interesting and different facets associated with travelling. And if the holidays are spent in India, the real meaning of vacationing comes up into being, thanks to the presence of interesting mix of its tourist attractions.
The country keeps up the spirit of holidaying with its interesting itineraries on offer. Such an immense variety of tourism doesn’t stereotype the India and keep it attractive every moment and then. Like the country’s diverse nature, the travel options in India are equally exciting and varied. It has mountains, desert, beaches, farmlands, villages and metros that spice up the country with unique and exciting tour options. These exciting natural attractions offer a unique backdrop to splendid vacationing experiences.
In north India, tourists can experience the bliss of calming mountains. With their gigantic appearance, the mighty hills make you feel the grandeur of nature. The crisp air here instills the freshness and revitalizes the existence. The natural beauty here offers a lingering pleasure to stay with you for a lifetime. In all, such an exciting trip provides a breathtaking holiday experience. If you are also keen on discovering the mighty mountain pleasures during your holiday, then the Himachal Hill Tour is meant for you. In a single attempt, it allows you to cover the pristine hill stations like Manali, Kullu and Dharamshala in the most interesting way. 
If experiencing life within the desert ecosystem is what you desire, then Rajasthan in West India is the ultimate choice for you. The state is replete with unique forts and colourful culture that makes it distinctively inviting. The camel safaris within the region also present an attractive facet of vacationing in this part of the country.
Towards Northeast, the country boasts the least explored and arguably most beautiful region of India. Comprising the seven states in unity, the region boasts pristine hill stations, lush tea gardens, rich monastic culture, tribal wealth, natural waterfalls, etc; Northeast presents the richly rewarding travel experiences to adventurers and inquisitive travellers.

In South India, you can experience the symphony of age old traditions, culture and natural wonders. The virgin beaches, blissful backwaters, hill stations and exotic performing arts make a trip to south India an unforgettable stint with the best-kept aspects of the country. If you also want a holiday to experience the receptive side of south, you can avail Best of Kerala and South India Excursion

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