Monday, 11 November 2013

Offbeat Holiday Opportunities in India

Holidays are the time, when leisure replaces routine life and allows you to indulge in your passion and pursuits. And if the holidays are in India, the joys of happiness abound around the interesting destinations in the country. Blessed with a variety of destinations with elaborate tourism potentials, the country leads the deck in terms of experiential journeys. Also, it has reinvented its tourism strategy, focusing upon promoting the offbeat travel destinations. This is done with a view to present the country’s hidden potentials to the traveller and acquaint him to its best-kept bounties. You can follow some of the recently highlighted holiday destinations in India below.
Karnataka, one of the wettest regions of India is also the leading destination of the country in terms of its rich tourism potentials. Created out of the princely state of Mysore, Karnataka is the state etched in its culture, heritage and traditions. The many worlds of the destination offer extraordinary experiences based on ruined civilizations, royal cities, classic beaches, wildlife forests, hill stations and metropolitan cities.
The hilly Himachal Pradesh is another offbeat destination prominent amongst the tourist circuit as the adventurous abode of the Himalayas. Seasoned with apple orchards, subtropical forests and maize fields, the state offers immaculate hospitality and an opportunity to reconnect with your soul. There is a variety of adventure sports here that ranges from trekking, river rafting, paragliding, camping, etc that offers the opportunity to identify your true potential in testimony of nature’s challenges. Another way to reconnect with the soul here passes through its spiritual shrines and Shaktipeeth Temples, Buddhist monasteries and Victorian churches. The Himachal Hill Tour will surely take you through the tucks and folds of mountains and make the Himalayan holidays memorable.
Next promising destination in the country is Maharashtra. Located in Western India, this state is sheer in terms of size, diversity and rich tourism potentials. Here, you can enjoy unlimited opportunities to holiday upon its pristine beaches and hill stations. Alongside, you can also visit the niche heritage sites of Maharashtra, including Ajanta, Ellora and Elephanta Caves. All of the three caves are the world heritage sites. Other than that, the state is also known to receive the maximum number of foreign tourist arrivals in India, reason being the presence of metropolitan Mumbai. Often referred to as the city of dreams, this city always in motion is renowned worldwide for Bollywood or Hindi film industry. 

These are some of the upcoming holiday destinations in India. But there are a lot more that comprise the offbeat, unique and novel destinations in the country. In an attempt to present the richness of India in terms of tourist destinations, we will be highlighting the essence of the country’s rich tourist attractions on our Sai Holidays Blog. Follow us to know more.